Seven Ponds Nature Center

A Nature Sanctuary and Environmental Education Center



Assistant Naturalists Classes

Classes are open to Assistant Naturalists only. Bring a sack lunch at 12:00 p to eat with the group, class begins at 12:30 pm. If you would like to become a part of this fine program, contact Katie McKiernan at 810-796-3200 or by email at

December Session
Because of the Holidays we have no class this month. The staff wishes you all very Happy Holidays.

Nature Jeopardy
January 13, 12:00 pm
Come test your nature knowledge at Nature Jeopardy. Learn some great facts to teach with and have fun competing against other ASNATS.

Interpretation Techniques
February 24, 12:00 pm
Come learn different interpretation techniques from Chief Naturalist Carrie Spencer. There are many ways to interpret and we will give you new skills to turn any situation into a learning experience for your audience.

Nest Box Monitors

We are again looking for dedicated volunteers to monitor our bluebird nest boxes this year. This very important opportunity helps us to keep track of not only bluebirds, but also wrens, swallows, chickadees and other small birds that use these boxes. Please contact Naturalist Cathy Wesley.

Garden Volunteers

Volunteers are also needed for the various gardens at Seven Ponds. These gardens are a beautiful focal point during the summer months for teaching and reflection. If you are interested in doing general garden maintenance for the Butterfly Garden, the Herb Garden or the Woodland Wildflower Area, contact the nature center.


The Women's Auxiliary of Seven Ponds, or Stingers, perform much rewarding work for the nature center and have a lot of fun. They meet on the first Monday of each month, April through October. Meetings begin at 11:30 a.m. and bring a brown bag lunch (coffee and tea are provided).
Volunteer Interest Form
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Wildlife Rehabilitating - is it for you?

Have you or someone you know ever found an injured wild animal and wished you could help? How about wild baby animals wandering around crying without their mother because they are orphaned? These questions, and many others, can be answered by DNR Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator Holly Hadac. Holly is willing to share her knowledge and many years of experience with others who want to learn what wildlife rehabilitating is all about. You will learn the DNR requirements of licensing, which wild animals may work best at your home, which species rehabilitators need the most help with, how to set limits, what the ongoing education requirements are for rehabilitators, what the associated costs are, and more.

You will also learn what it is like to really be a wildlife rehabilitator. You will learn that wildlife rehabilitating is not a hobby. It is a profession that is demanding. You will learn that the animals you are working with are not pets and must be kept wild. And, you will learn about the many rewards; how rewarding saving the life of a fawn is; how rewarding and usually challenging it is when sick or injured wild animals realize, when they suddenly feel better, it’s a human taking care of them! The biggest reward is watching injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals regain their freedom.

The number of wildlife rehabilitators has dwindled over the years and we are all concerned about who will take over when the current group retires. This informational meeting with Holly Hadac is for those who would like to explore wildlife rehabilitating and possibly become part of the group of people who are performing this important work. The meeting will last as long as the attendees need, and handouts will be provided. If enough people are interested, there will be future classes at Seven Ponds. The DNR allows sub-permitting through a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, and class participants would be in a position to begin rehabilitating on this basis (people operating under a sub-permit would not be able to work with fawns, as someone taking in fawns must have their own license). At this point, there is no date set for this meeting. If you are interested, please contact Seven Ponds at 810-796-3200. The nature center will take names and a meeting will be arranged. We will have more than one meeting, if needed, to fit everyone’s schedule.